• Blizzaro Silverline Heavy Duty

    Advanced Calcium Calcium Silver Alloy
    Blizzaro has developed a brand new heavy vehicle series satisfying requirements and needs of heavy duty vehicle drivers: Blizzaro Silverline HEAVY DUTY and SUPER HEAVY DUTY


    Water evaporating in the Battery condenses on the plugs and second lid. Specially designed plugs ensure safe return of the water to the Battery, thus preventing water loss and leak.


    Specially designed thicker plates provide maximum resistance against effect of corrosion. The positive electrode incorporates silver, tin and calcium alloy (PbCaAg) while the negative electrode incorporates calcium (PbCa), thus ensuring minimum loss of water.

  • Glassmate seperators in Super Heavy Duty series
  • High acid reserve capacity above the plates
  • Thicker terminals
  • Ca-Ca silver tin alloy plates
  • Fully Sealed system double-lid
  • Extra resistance against vibration
  • High Ah and starting capacity
  • Improved cycle life
  • Ready to use, fully maintenance-free
  • Delivery Vehicles Delivery Vehicles
  • Municipal Utility Vehicles Municipal Utility Vehicles
  • Construction Vehicles Construction Vehicles
  • Agricultural Vehicles Agricultural Vehicles
Short CodeVoltCold Cranking PowerPosition / Terminal TypeLayout/MetminalWidth/Length/Height Weight with Water
Silverline Heavy Duty
A 120 080 3131208003/1B03513x189x22035.00
A 135 088 3131358803/1B03513x189x22036.00
B 150 092 3131509203/1B00513X223X22042.00
B 180 110 310 18011003/1B00513X223X22046.00
B 180 110 313 18011003/1B03513X223X22046.00
B 190 110 31019011003/1B00513X223X22046.50
B 190 110 31319011003/1B03513X223X22046.50
C 200 105 31020010503/1B00513X274X24258.50
C 225 115 31022511503/1B00513X274X24261.00
C 240 125 31024012503/1B00513X274X24263.50
Silverline Super Heavy Duty
A 140 093 3101409303/1B00513x189x22037.00
B 180 110 310 18011003/1B00513X223X22046.00
C 225 115 31022511503/1B00513X274X24261.00