• Blizzaro Caravan&Boat

    Blizzaro Caravan&Boat batteries are specially designed for providing extra resistance against shocks and surges, and minimizing loss of water. They provide maximum performance with plates specially reinforced for boats and caravans, ensuring high starting power. These batteries are also strengthened to support extra equipments.

  • High starting power and capacity
  • Hybrid plates specif ically reinforced for use in caravan and boats
  • Special acid compound
  • Specially designed plates and separators
  • Extra resistance against shocks and surges
  • Maximum charge-discharge cycle
  • Maximum performance
  • More safe thanks to simple degassing feature.
  • Boats Boats
  • Caravans Caravans
Short CodeVoltCold Cranking PowerCold Cranking PowerLayout/MetminalWidth/Length/Height Weight with Water
L1 050 036 013503600/1B13207X175X19014.00
L2 060 046 013604600/1B13242X175X19016.50
L3 070 054 013705400/1B13278X175X19018.00
L5 090 070 013907000/1B13353X175X19024.50
TRCT L 090 062 010906200/1B0344X175X22527.00
TRCT L 115 076 0101157600/1B0344X175X22529.70
TRCT 125 080 0101258000/1B0344X173X27534.00
A 130 088 3131308803/1B3513X189X22036.00
B 180 110 31018011003/1B0513X223X22047.50
C 225 115 31022511503/1B0513X274X24261.00